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02 May 2014 @ 08:22 pm
I made this LJ account for the sole purpose of posting my CYM fic on here because why not, right? But that didn't go too well because I forgot about posting it here in the rush of actually finishing it and because I don't receive much response here anyway. However, in light of recent events in my life where a friend of mine introduced me to something new just a few weeks back (2 weeks ago before my college graduation), I decided to revisit my LJ account after a year of it being inactive.

You may ask why. Well, have you ever fallen in love with fully grown men being adorable and cute and their overall awesomeness?


Yes, Google, that's exactly what I mean.

Figure 1. Arashi in their natural habitat
Figure 2. Accurate depiction of me
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06 February 2019 @ 01:42 am
Pairing: Juntoshi
Length: 7,084 words
Genre: AU, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama
Rating: T
Summary: Ohno Satoshi is on vacation to find inspiration for his next art. What he finds, however, is a charming man who drastically changes his life as he knows it.

A/N: Look at me challenging the fantasy and mystery genres again. I started writing this 3 weeks ago when I was daydreaming at the balcony of a hotel room at 11pm during a weekend vacation. Naturally, Juntoshi came to mind. Was originally going to be a meet cute kind of thing but turned into a monster of a fic. :)


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27 January 2019 @ 05:27 pm

Arashi’s decision comes as a shock, I feel numb from it. But since it’s already out there and they’ve announced it, all we can do is accept that it has come sooner than we all expected.

My heart is breaking but know that I’m forever thankful to these 5 men who literally changed my life. Fuck, I learned a whole new language because of them. I worked hard so I can travel because of them. I’ve come to know so many great people because of them.

I’m sad but extremely grateful as well.

So thank you, Arashi, for all your hard work. Let's cherish this last 2 years with you as a group.

07 October 2018 @ 07:42 pm
Pairing: Sakumoto
Length: 8,049 words
Genre: AU, Romance, Mystery, Fantasy, Drama, Friendship
Rating: G
Summary: A naturally observant person, Sakurai Sho was intrigued by a stranger he saw from the window across his favorite restaurant. What caught his eye wasn't only his beauty but the fact that he seemed to be on an unending loop. Who was he and why does he look so utterly lonely?

Tumblr Photoset

A/N: This may be the longest, hardest and most ambitious fic I've written to date. It's my first time challenging a new fic genre but with the new PV previews, I couldn't help but write an AU. This is inspired by all of those news clips and by the fact that I've kept replaying the videos like it's stuck on a loop.

P.S. I listened to Maybe The Night on loop while writing this for three days. Maybe you want to listen to it as well to set the mood? :)

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01 October 2018 @ 11:14 am
Pairing: Juntoshi
Length: 4,864 words
Genre: AU, General, Romance
Rating: G
Summary: Struggling chef / restaurateur MatsuJun may have just found an angel in the arrival of a mysterious Ohno Satoshi.
A/N: Ola, it's been a while. All of this was inspired by these non-no's. Just straightforward and simple. :)

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